From Article III, Section 1 of the Campus Government Constitution, the functions and powers of the Student Council shall be:

  1. The Council shall formulate and express officially student views concerning affairs of the College.

  2. The Council shall supervise the operations of student organizations, activities, enterprises, and social events.

  3. The Council shall administer elections, appointments, and removals by impeachment for all student offices in Student Council and Senate.

  4. The Council shall allocate the Student Activity Fund and supervise its expenditures. No monies shall be taken from the activity fund, nor debt against it incurred, except by vote of the Council.

  5. The Council shall initiate proposals for the betterment of student life and for the good of the College as a whole, when necessary referring proposals to the Senate or other proper agency for further consideration.

  6. The Council shall be responsible for establishing election procedures, for fixing dates within the guidelines of this constitution, and for supervising all elections of students to the offices of campus government.

  7. The Council shall have the power to impeach and remove students from any elected or appointed office according to the provisions of Article VII.

  8. The Council shall charter and regulate procedures for student activities and organizations.